Burgundy Rose

R. centifolia var. parvifolia

PICTURE SOURCE Les Roses, Volume III (1824)

ORIGINAL BOTANICAL NAME Rosa Pomponia Burgundiaca

ORIGINAL FRENCH NAME Le Pompon de Bourgogne

CURRENT BOTANTICAL NAME R. centifolia var. parvifolia

COMMON NAME Burgundy Rose

OTHER NAMES Purple-Flowered Pompon, Dwarf Burgundy

CLASS Centifolia

ORIGIN Unknown; pre 1664

FLOWERING Once-flowering; summer

SCENT Fragrant

GROWTH Smallish, dense shrub, 2 feet tall (0.60 metres)

AVAILABILITY Still in cultivation

For more information, don’t miss the introduction page; ‘Centifolia – The Old-Fashioned Cabbage Rose'


At left, the Cabbage Rose, R. centifolia ‘Burgundy Rose’, painted by Redouté, portrait 170 out of 170, Volume III of Les Roses.



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