Seven Sisters Rose

R. multiflora var. platyphylla

PICTURE SOURCE Les Roses, Volume II (1821)

ORIGINAL BOTANICAL NAME Rosa Multiflora platyphylla

ORIGINAL FRENCH NAME Rosier Multiflore ŕ grandes feuilles

CURRENT BOTANTICAL NAME R. multiflora var. platyphylla

COMMON NAME Seven Sisters Rose

OTHER NAMES Big-Leaved Multiflora, Grevillia

CLASS Species

ORIGIN Raised from seed introduced to Britain from Japan, pre 1817

FLOWERING Once-flowering; early to mid summer

SCENT Lightly scented

GROWTH Climber 12 feet plus (3.6 metres plus)

AVAILABILITY Still in cultivation

At left; picture of the Flesh-Pink Multiflora , R. multiflora var. carnea, painted by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, portrait 090 out of 170, Volume II of Les Roses


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